Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 Year of Genealogy

Ok, let's start the year out with some goals.  Here's where I intend to put my emphasis in 2016.

A.  Trees for other people

1.  Finish updating Aaron's tree and send it to him.  This will of course remain a work in progress but I need to get preliminary info to him.

2.  Finish the work for Ann, print and collate, send it to her.  This will end that project.

3.  Work on Jenni's tree and get her at least preliminary information.

4.  Shelton tree, as time permits

B.  My tree:

  1. Continue efforts to source all old information.  Create a list of info for which you no longer have the source and make that a concentration for research.

  2.  Brick Walls:

   -Nancy Whitaker, her land and her parents.  Maybe talk to someone at Georgia Archives?
   -Nathan Horne
   -Jacob Garner
   -Nimrod Lewis
   -Thomas Cates and wife Nancy
   -Sally Taylor Grizzle.  Really need DNA. 

 1.  Go through results and contact matches, starting with those where you see a connection, then working out.
 2.  Sign up for GRIP DNA course
 3.  Use ISOGG resources to improve knowledge and understanding.

E.  Conferences and classes

Start attending Wake County meetings
Definitely - NGS conference in Florida
Maybe - FGS conference in Springfield
Probably - GRIP DNA
Hopefully - GRIP Judy Russell
Maybe - IGHR

Get to courthouses and archives!!!!
Blog.   Monthly at a minimum but hopefully weekly.