Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The children of Tilman Gooch

I know that people have figured out who Tilman Gooch's children were but there was still some variance over birthdates.  Recently I found a Bounty Land application where his youngest daughter applied.  It's rather odd because she claimed on the first document to be his only child - even though her sister Eliza Ann Sutton was one of the witnesses - but then clarified later to explain that she was his only minor child.  The claim could be made by any person who was a minor at the time the law went into effect on 1 Mar 1855, so Mary qualified even though she did not apply until 1883.  One page of the claim lists all the children as follows.  I have tried to keep it true to the original except for adding a line between the children for reading clarity.

Samuel Gooch the oldest child was born on 6th of July 1824.  and now resides at Nimberwill, Lumpkin County Georgia.  Dahlonega PO Add.  [Note in margin:  1st, over age].

Caroline. The second child was born in Rabun County Georgia October 10, 1826 and now resides at Dawson County, Georgia. [Note in margin:  2nd, over age.]

James.  The third child was born in the County of Rabun State of Georgia on the 10th February 1829 and now resides in Gaddistown, Union County Georgia. [Note in margin:  3rd, over age].

And Viney Adaline the 4th child Was born in Rabun County State of Georgia on the 21st of January 1831 and died on or about 1st of December 1864. [Margin note:  4th dead]

Eliza Jane [Second name is written over and may have originally been Anne or corrected to Anne] the 5th child was born in Rabun County State of Georgia Feb 9th 1833 and now resides in Hall County state of Georgia.  [Margin note:  5th over age]

Margaret was born in Rabun County State of Georgia on 18th day of October 1835 and died September 4th 1862.  [Margin note:  6th dead]

Mary the youngest and seventh child was born in Rabun County State of Georgia on the 6th of July 1837. [Margin note:  claimant].