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Macon store ledger, 1835-1837

Years ago my great-uncle stumbled across this store ledger and thought it was interesting so he kept it.  He passed it to his niece, my aunt, and she gave it to me.  These are the names that appear in the ledger and any other pertinent comments.  If someone wanted, I could detail the account of their ancestor.

 Written on the cover:  John E. Jeffers Macon Georgia   Account book

Note:  NFN = No first name.
Dates given as in this book.  Some noted account brought forward (ABF), so they were a customer with accounts in the previous ledger.  Some also note ACF - Account carried forward.  Sometimes later in this ledger but generally in the next one.  

G. A. Winn  18th May 1837
Thomas Wimberly  Dec 1835-Jun 36
James Hollingsworth    Oct 36 (ABF) - Aug 37 (ACF)
Thomas Flint  Dec 35 (ABF) - Jul 36 (ACF)
Jas. H Hardaway  Dec 35 (ABF) - Jul 36 (ACF)
Jordan Odom  Dec 35 (ABF) - Feb 36.  Then 1 entry dated Jan 38 "By Norton Reid"
C. Crawford Nov 36
J. C. Winn  Oct 36 - Jan 37
F. Simms:  2 entries Oct 36, Jul 37
NFN Morgan Jul-Aug 36 (ACF)
James R. Bennett Dec 36 - Jan 37 (ACF)
James Jordan Jan - Mar 36 (ACF)
Joseph Gainer Dec 35-Oct 36
Joseph Hollomon Nov 36-Jan 37
Henry Hill Jul 36 (one purchase by "Mrs. Hill")
C. Vaughn Nov 36 (ABF) - Jan 37 (ACF)
M. Bartlet Jan 36- Aug 37 (ACF)
Joseph Bennett Dec 35 (ABF) - Aug 36 (ACF)
C. A. Higgans Dec 35 - Oct 36
NFN Okeef  Jan 36 (ABF) - Jul 36 (ACF)
Cade Rogers Feb 36 (ABF) One purchase, then notation "Dead"
Mrs. Merchant Apr 36- Feb 37 (ACF)
NFN Goddard Apr 36
NFN Beasley Apr-Oct 36
Joseph Lee   May-Jun 36 (Note at end dated 20 Sep 1844, paid in full)
John Merchant  Feb-Jul 36
J. D. Winn Jan-Nov 37
F. Ellis Dec 36- Jul 37
Judge Holt Nov 36 (one purchase only)
John Philpots Dec 35 - May 36 (ACF)
Humphreys & Moore Jan 36- Jan 37
J. Holsendoff Jan-Sep 36
Rich'd Clinton Jan 36 (ABF)  (note: Jan 37 - interest
Levi Mullens May 36 - Mar 37  (two entries noted as "charged to A. F. Sherwood)
H. G Ross Dec 35 - Jan 37 (ACF)
Toliver Willcox Jun 35  Dec 36 (ACF)
William Pitts Jan-May 35
Abraham Tyner Jan 36- Apr 37 Note at end:  Setted D.G. Hodgkins
Horace Humphreys Jan 36 (ABF) - Jun 37 (ACF)
David Evans Jan (ABF) - Mar (ACF) 1836
Cato Rose Jan - Dec 36  Nov 4 (prob 37) paid in full.
Williamson Glover Jan 36 (ABF) - nov 36
Thos. Red JAn - Apr 36
Maria Shaw Jan-Dec 36 (ACF)
Jacob J. Bracewell Jan/Feb 36
NFN  Almon Jan 36 (then note Dead)
Susan Smith Jan 36 (1 pr shoes)
NFN Stovall May 36 - Sep 37
Jonathan Wilder Jan 36 - Oct 37 (ACF)  Note "recd of W. Coleman)
D. Dalmeter Jan-Dec 36
C. Vaughan  Jan 37 (ABF) -jun 37 (ACF)
NFN Cumby: Jan 36 (also Mrs. Cumby) - Oct 36
NFN Merrit  Jan 36 Note at end "Charged to Bob Blanchett"
Doctor Ball Feb 36 (ABF) - Apr 36
Thos Red Apr 36 - Jul 36
Seban (Leban?) Jones Jan - May 36  THen Dead
Wm. Blanchett jan 36 - Apr 36 ACF
Thos. Lamar Jan 36 (2 entries) Jan 38 1 entry
David Evans Mar 36 (ABF) - May 36
NFN Williams (at Foster & Earls)  Feb 36
M. R Glenn May-Dec 36 ACF
NFN Loyd Sep 35 - Aug 37.  Note By cash charged to Blanchett
Hamilton V. Hays Jul 36, Apr 37
John C Johnson Jul 36 (rum 31 jul 25)
H. Bronson Feb - Apr 36
NFN Birdsong Feb-Nov 36
Bob Blanchett  Feb - Oct 36 ACF
James Jordan  Mar 36 ABF = Jun 36 ACF
David F. Willson MAr 36 Sep 36  ACF
NFN Taylor Jul 36 - Jan 38 ACF
Angus McCallum Mar 36 - Jul 36 ACF
NFN Watts Mar 36, Apr 37
H. M. Whitehead Apr 36
General R. A. Beal  Mar 36
R. Smith Jul 36 Oct 36
Alex Richards Mar 36 Nov 36  Note Balanced by order in favour W. Soloman
NFN Stanley Jul 36 - Apr 37
Angus McCallum Aug 36 ABF - Nov 36 ACF
Thos Flint Apr 36 ABF Jun 36 ACF
L. P. Hoskins Apr 37? ABF - Jan 39
Gillis Powell Jul- Oct ?36?
Robert Smith Oct ? ABF
Clab Vaughan  Jun 37 (ABF) Aug 37 ACF
James Jordan Jun 36 - ABF  Oct 36 ACF
John O'Keeffe Jul 36 ABF Nov ACF
Col Lamar Apr 36 (1 entry)
B. Gardner Jul-Sep 36
NFN Hodgkins Jul-Dec 36
Wm. Blanchett  Apr 36 - nov 36
D. C. Hodgkins Mar 36 ABF jul 36 ACF
NFN Dyer Jun - Oct 36
NFN Butts Aug 36
D. C. Hodgkins Jul 36 - Jan 38 ACF
Thos Flint Jun 36 ABF  nov 36 ACF
Joseph Willson Jul 36
Wm. Danniel Sep 36 Mar 38
Mustian & Mott Jul 36 Dec 36
J. C. F. Clarke Aug 36 Jun 37
Wm. B. Parker Sep 36Jan 37
Alex'r McGregor Jul - Nov 36
Jones & Dickinson Jun-oct36
James Jordan Oct 36 ABF Dec 36 ACF
Martin Hall Jul 36 Nov 36
L Sewell Jan 37 Mar 38  (note To acct J. Philpotts)
Richard Lee Jun - Nov 36
A. R. Ralston Sep 36 jan 37  (note Settled with Jas Hollingsworth)
John O'keeffe Nov 36 ABF Feb 37 (note stating: by tuition for children), may 38
Angus McCallum ABF Jn 37
AF Sherwood Mar 36 ABF Aug 36 ACF
Thos Flint Nov 36 - Aug 37
H. G. Ross Jan 37 Sep 37 ACF
NFN Cumby Dec 36 - May 37  (note mentions Miss Mary Cumby)
John Philpots Apr 37 ABF - Aug 37  (recd by this amount of Thos Hardiman) ACF
Martin Hall may -Dec 36 
Toliver Willcox Dec 36 ABF  Aug 37
James Jordan Jan 37 ABF - oct 37
Joseph Gainer Apr 37, Mar 38
H. Humphreys Jun ABF Oct
Bob Blanchett Oct-Dec 36 (ABF)
M R Glen Jan 37 ABF Mar 37
thos Red Dec 36 Jun 37
B Williams (Vineville) May 37 Jan 38
Doct'r Jamerson Dec 36 - Aug 38
T Hine Aug/sep 37
James Hardaway Jul 36 oct 37 ACF
James R. Bennett ABF Jun ? ACF
William Blanset Jan 37 - Jan 38  (Incudes notes that purchases are for Wm Danniel,   Also says "assume for Loyd" and "for Cumby".  
Billey Danniel Jan 37 ABF
James R. Bennett Jul 37 ABF - Jan 38 ACF
Williams & Bradley  Feb 1837
A. H Foster May/Aug 37
G. P. Wagner Mar/Aug 37
Willis Hews jan 37 Dec 37
A. Fisk Mar 37 Aug 37 ACF
John Bassett ?35 - Jun 37
John Merchant Aug 37 Sep 37
A. Fisk Aug / ABF
Wheeler & Townsend Jun 37
John Philpots May 36 ABF - apr 37
Wm Seymore MAr - Aug 36
John Baley Apr 37 Jan 38
Mariah Shaw Dec 35 Mar 37
R H. Harding Jan 36 Dec 37
NFN Loyd Nov 37 ABF Jul 39
J Holzendorf Sep 36 ABF nov 37
V. Manard Jul 37 Nov 37

The last few pages just have single purchases, not on account: 

R. Bassett
Mrs Rutherford
R. Brim
Mr. Rose
Sip Holzendorf
Mrs humphreys
D. F Rupert
Shem Holzendorf
Mrs. Rutherford
J. M. Birdine
Mrs. Humphreys
Carver & Jewett
Ike Hollingsworth
Mr. Low
Mrs. McGreggor
Alex Foster
McGintys Ruben

Expense acct  (cash received of)
Mar 39:   C Felps, B. Atkinson, Hodgkins,
Apr 39: Larking, B. Adams, F. Davis, Wiley Harris, A. Raney, T Willcox, B. Lodge, Hamilton Fort & c, W. Wade, E. B. Tracey, Joseph Bennett, Bob, Curry, J. Phelps, Robbin, Gus Hatley, Robert Davey,
A. Ernest (rent), Champion, Felps, R. Davey, H. Campbell,
 Cash paid Mrs. Andrews for A. Ernest
May 39;  D. Clark, T. Self,  A. T. Sherwood, T. Rupell, Jepson, Robert Davey, Wiley Harris, Watts, McDonald, Mark Moon,
Jun 39: Wm Smith, Jarvis,
Jul 39 Gus Atley, Wm Respass, J.R. Bennett, W. Wagner, Jepson, Wm Rap, D. Brown
   pd J. Holley,  Wm Hughs

Receipt in book from John Jeffries to D. C. Hodgkins
Wm  Potts to John Jeffers

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Ahnentafel #14 James Edward Wade and #15 Carrie Horne

James Edward (Ed) Wade was born on 19 January 1870 in Houston County (now Peach County), GA.   He was the oldest of the 14 children of Moses Thomas Wade and Irene Moore.  Fort Valley is right on the Crawford-Houston border and as a result, he grew up living variously in Houston and Crawford Counties, appearing with his parents in Houston County in 1870 and 1880.  In 1870, he is 4 months old.  In 1880 he was not listed as attending school at the time, but neither is anyone else on that page, so the census taker may just not have noted it.  His name has led to some speculation in the family.  His next youngest brother (William Thomas) is named after their paternal grandfather and father, the third brother (Robert Lee) is named after the general and the 5th brother (John Henderson) is named after his maternal grandfather and has his paternal grandfather's middle name.  The fourth son is another whose name origin (George H.) is unknown.  Some family stories indicate that James Edward was named after an officer his father served under in the Civil War, but this has not been verified.

Carrie Frances Horne was born on 23 January 1880 in Crawford County Georgia to Washington William Buchanan Horne and Mary Ann Morris.  She was the youngest child and only surviving daughter.   She lived her entire life in Crawford County, where she appears with her parents in the 1880 census.   Her father was committed to the State asylum the month before she was born and died there just before her 5th birthday, so she was essentially raised just by her mother.  Without their father's income, the family was extremely poor, just scraping by.

Ed and Carrie were married by a Justice of the Peace in Crawford County on 14 February 1897, shortly after her 17th birthday.  Ed was 27.  Throughout their married life, they farmed in Crawford County. 

Their first son, Hiram Alvin Wade, was born on 18 July 1897 but sadly died at 8 months old.  By the 1900 census, they are living next door to Carrie's mother and brother, with their 8 month old second son Homer and have been married 3 years.  Carrie reports that she had had two children, of whom one was living.  They rent their farm and both of them can read and write.  For some reason, in this census Ed (as James) is also listed in his father's household, also in Crawford County, as the same age but single and working as a farm laborer.

The 1910 Crawford County census was badly water damaged and so far Ed and Carrie have not been found in the surviving portion.  It seems probable that they lost at least one child between Homer (1899) and Bessie (1905), but without the 1910 numbers, it is difficult to know.   By 1920, they owned a farm on the Macon-Columbus road.   Son Homer had left home already, but daughters Bessie, Viola, Lillie and Clyde, as well as son Louis were still at home.  Bessie, Viola and Louis were attending school, but Lillie and Clyde were still too young.  Their youngest child, James Edward Jr, was born a few months after the census was taken.

 The 1930 census is a mess as far as this family is concerned.  Ed (listed here as Edd) still owned the farm and Carrie is listed as a housekeeper.  Their ages are correct, but their ages at first marriage are given as 15 and 25, rather than 17 and 27.   Ed generally listed his father as born in North Carolina, even though it was probably Virginia and he does so here.   But Carrie generally correctly listed her parents as born in South Carolina and Alabama.  In this census, however, her father is listed as Alabama and her mother in Mississippi.   The oldest daughter Bessie is listed as Bessie Wade, widowed.  She shows a "first married" age of 16, but it is crossed out.  In fact at this point she was Bessie Griffin and divorced, back living with her parents.  She was 14 (and 9 months) when she married.  The youngest son is listed as John instead of James, but the other children are correct.  In this census, Clyde, 13,  and James, 9,  are the only two children in school.  Bessie's 7-year old son Leroy Griffin is also living with them and is also in school.

By 1940, the children had all left (or left again), except for James Jr.  Even though he's only 19, he is married to  Lillian, age 16, and they are living with Ed and Carrie.  Ed, Carrie and James are living in the same house they were in in 1935, which they own and which is worth $500.  Lillian, who was presumably not married in 1935, was living in Peach County at that time.  Ed claims to have finished 7th grade and Carrie 6th grade.  James and Lillian both did 2 years of high school.  Both Ed and James said they had worked 52 weeks the previous year even though both listed their income for that period as $0.  Both of them also worked the week of 24-30 March 1940, with Ed doing 40 hours and James 50, both of them on the farm. 

Ed died on 18 April 1946 and was buried in Macon Memorial Park, Macon, Georgia.  Carrie in turn died on 8 June 1960 and was buried next to him.

The children of Ed and Carrie Wade:
  • Hiram Alvin Wade, 1897-1898
  • Homer Leonard Wade, 1899-1964.  Married Gladys Pullen and lived most of his married life in Florida. 
  • Bessie Florence Wade, 1905-1988.  Married 1) Alfonso Clay Griffin, 2) James Wesley Childers, 3) Unknown Smith and 4) Charles Dennard Wood.  
  • Viola Elizabeth Wade , 1907-2000, married Frank Becham
  • Ira Louis Wade, 1910-1977.  Married Thelma Ola Pope. 
  • Lillie Maude Wade, 1913-1988.  Married Chester Payton somewhat late in life.  
  • Caroline Clyde Wade, 1916-2006.  Married John Allen Green.  They eventually settled in Mount Pleasant, SC.  She was a nurse.   She claimed that she was originally named Carrie Clyde Wade, after her mother, but that she thought Caroline sounded better. 
  • James Edward, Jr, 1921-1993.   He was married first to Lillian, then Matilda.  Neither of their surnames have been identified.