Monday, July 20, 2009

Jacob Garner

Jacob's early life is a mystery except by inference. His oldest known child gave her place of birth as NC, the younger ones were SC. None of his children survived until the 1880 census, but family tradition has him born in Virginia. The first documented record is a land grant in Washington County, GA in 1805. He was a fortunate drawer in the 1821 GA land lottery and appears as head of household in the 1830 Washington County, GA census, age 90-100. He is probably the "over 45" male in the 1820 census in the hh of son Stephen. The fact that he received two draws in the 1805 census indicates that he had minor children and that he had resided in the state for over a year. He was a recipient of a headright or bounty grant in 1805.

His wife's name was reportedly Charity, surname unknown.

Jacob's probable children are:
  • Patience, b abt 1770 in NC. d ? in Washington County, GA
  • Charity, b abt 1776 , d after 1840 in Washington County, GA. Md Asa Jordan.
  • Henry, b 1780 in SC, d. 31 Jan 1867 in Washington County, GA. Md Sarah.
  • Stephen, b abt 1787 in SC, never married
  • Moses, b abt 1787 in SC.
Undocumented family tradition also includes sons Baldwin and Darius/Rias. Darius allegedly moved first to Louisiana and then Texas. Baldwin reportedly died in Alabama.

Jacob probably died between 1830 and 1840 and was allegedly buried on his farm.

Recent DNA tests connect Jacob to the Garners/Gardners of Isle of Wight, VA and possibly to the Joseph Garner family of NC. Interestingly, Joseph is known, from his will, to have had a son Jacob, and it would be worth pursuing this connection to see if it is the same person. However, in the Washington County records, there is another Garner - Redick - who was allegedly Jacob's brother, which does not match with what is known of Joseph.

The GA archives indexes show that they show information for Jacob and Redick Garner both, for headright grants. Needs to be checked out.

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  1. I remember my dad talking about his old home place. It included a parcel they referred to as "the Barnes place". I've been trying to figure out the relationship between the Garner family and the Barnes family. The Barnes have many of the same names (Jacob, Reddick, Charity, Sarah, Patience, Elizabeth, etc.). There is a connection through the Pope or Parnell families? I also think Jacob Garner might have lived in Northhampton County, NC after leaving Isle of Wight? There seems to be a lot of confusion over the line between Virginia and North Carolina at that time. That would explain why Charity is believed to have been born in Prince George, Virginia when it could have been Prince George's Parish. The Barnes family was there also and both families seem to have gone on to Johnston County or Edgecombe County from there. Charity married Asa Jordon in Edgecombe County... I'm just speculating. Maybe you have looked into this?