Thursday, May 8, 2014

Could this be my Carl?

Today in one of the lectures at the NGS conference in Richmond, the speaker referred to an early indentured servant in Virginia, one Carl Christopherson Springer.   This interesting man was Swedish but was kidnapped in London and brought to Virginia where he was sold.  After some years, he was able to make his way up to the small Swedish colony in Delaware where he remained the rest of his life and where his fluency in both English and Swedish stood him in good stead in the local community.  He caught my attention because that is the name of one of my ancestors, who indeed lived in Delaware about the correct time frame.  It's such a fascinating sequence of events that I would love for him to actually be my ancestor.  However, wishing doesn't make it true and some real research will need to be done to see if this Carl and my ancestor are two different men or not. 


  1. Cool one! Tragic in the kidnapping, but interesting in the effects.

  2. And now evidently I can post!