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Martha Patman Peterman letter

This letter was originally found on the Georgia Virtual Vault website, in their FileII documents, recently added on line.  Martha Jane Patman (1823-1873) was born in Oglethorpe County and died in Taylor County.  She was the first wife of Columbus James Peterman.  This letter was written to her sister and brother-in-law,  Elizabeth Catherine Patman Bowdoin and Josephus Bowdoin .  I have added punctuation where I think it would go, but all spelling is retained as she wrote it.  Other people named are:  Isham Patman (Martha and Elizabeth's brother), Lorena (Carter Patman), Isham's wife.  Hypatia - Elizabeth and Josephus' daughter, about 18 months old at this time.  Davy is uncertain but probably their oldest brother David Patman.    James Peterman is probably Columbus' brother James Robert.  I find no evidence that he had a daughter but he had married in 1851.  I have not been able to identify Martha Nate (possibly Nite?).  Elias Patman is another brother, married to Columbus Peterman's sister Lucinda. And of note- she can't spell "hear" (puts it as "here" each time) but gets acquaintance right.


Georgia Oglethorpe Co March the 31st 1853

Dear brother and sister i take my pen in hand to drop you a few lines which leaves us all well and i hope when these lines comes to hand they may find you all enjoying the same blesing [.]  the conexion is well as ?fore? are now a year and nothing of importance to write [.]  we have heard of the death of our brother Isham [.]  he had apoplexy [stroke] fits [.] he had one on saturday and died on thursday afterwards with the third one [.] he never spoke after he was struck with the last one[.]  Lorena is a going to live with her mar [ma?] she wrote to Davy[.]  Isham was here one saturday and had the first fit the next[.]  i would be glad to see you all and if i cant se you i would be glad to here from you[.]  You surely have forgot me and dont care for me[,] i want to here from you once and a while if i cant see you[.] you must write me son [soon] and all the nuse [news.]  if i could see you i could tell you so many things of the things there is in oglethorpe and all of your acquaintance[.] it would do you good to here who is maried and who hasnt[.]  there is some that hasnt married yet that wants to and when i come i will tell you them all[.]  it is two [too] tedious to write[.]  you must write how large Hypatia is and how much she can talk and all about her and kiss her for me[.]  i want to see her very bad[.]  James Peterman wife has a daughter and Martha Nate has a son[.] they was both born the same day[.]  Martha has the fever[.] she has had the fever ever since her baby was three days old[.] he is six weeks old[.]  she cant set up yet[.] the dr says she is mending[.] i cant see it if she is[.] Oh turn over [turn the page over]

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god [good] night Cate[.] how do you do this night[?] i wonder how you are a geting on a raising of chicanes [chickens][.]  i have 40 and has a very god garden for the time of year[.]  my pease [peas] is in blom and my plants is most large enouf to set out[.] the potatoes was nipt right smart monday morning[.] they is as hy as my hand[.] well i must write some a bout the corn crop[.] Columbus is a planting of corn[.] he will get done planting it in a few days[.] there is some dun there corn[.] there is some that is a going to commence planting coton monday[.] we expect to come this summer if we can[.] Elias and Lucinda says they will come with us when we come[.] you must write soon and all the nuse[.] give my love to all enquiring friends if there is any and except [accept] a portion yourselves[.] no more only remains your sister until death Martha J. Peterman.

[To] Elizabeth C. Bowdon and Joseph D. Bowdon

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