Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sarah Rowe Sandifer part 2

Back in February, I theorized about the death date of Sarah Rowe Sandifer, based on an estate being distributed to her grandchildren.  I finally made it to the Georgia archives to look up the file there and it sort of confirmed what I thought.  The estate was in fact hers, but she had died on 18 April 1914, so a little earlier than I had expected.  The estate was not completely settled until 1920.  Her son, John S. Sandifer was the administrator since she died without a will.  The main portion of her estate was the property, which was sold to H.C. and W.A. Belcher for $2250, a good sum in those days.

There was also an interesting document in the file showing that Sarah's guardian prior to her marriage was Elisha Mills.  In September 1849, he petitioned to be released from the guardianship on the grounds that Sarah was now married.

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