Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Nimrod Lewis in the Confederate Citizens files

Nimrod Lewis appears twice in the Confederate Citizen files, having assisted two families with claims.

In July 1862, he appeared as a confirmatory witness to Louisa Wright's claim for the final pay due her husband Joseph Henry Wright.  Henry Wright had served in the Jackson Guards, in the 57th GA regiment, and had died in May 1862 while serving in Virginia.  The other witness was Joseph Henry's father Elias Wright.   As a result of this claim, Louisa Wright was paid $47.  In the 1860 census, Nimrod is household 54 in Castleberry's district.  Louisa and Joseph Wright were in Knoxville, living next door to his father Elias.  Louisa's maiden name was Gray.

In December 1862, Nimrod Lewis attested to the truth of Charity Mills claim that she was the only heir of her son Andrew J. Mills, who had left "neither wife, child, nor father".  Andrew had served in the 6th GA regt.  He had been killed at Seven Pines on May 31st of that year and according to the Army was due back pay, his bonus payment, and his clothing allotment.  The only Charity Mills in the county was Nimrod's next-door neighbor.   She and her husband Alexander had married in 1856, so Andrew could not be a son of that marriage but she had previously been married to  Green Mills and had a son A.J. with him.   Charity was a Bateman by birth and married Green Mills in Houston County.

Nimrod might have just been being a good neighbor, but putting these two here to keep in mind.  Friends, family and associates.

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