Friday, June 28, 2013

1836 Tax List

This document was found in the Georgia Archives, Crawford County Miscellaneous Documents, Miscellaneous County Offices, Record Group 139, a single file.   The beauty of this list is that it predates the online ( tax records by 4 years, giving more precision as to when these people arrived in the county.   I have not changed any of the spellings. I will post other district lists later.

List of Persons Liable to Pay Taxes in the 497th Dist G. M. of Crawford County, South of little Echoconnie Creek for the year 1836:

Ellias Wallace                                                 John Phillips
William Hancock Snr                                     Lewis Sawyer
William Hancock Jnr                                      Patrick Sawyer
John Hatcher                                                   Littleberry Boone
Jeremiah Hatcher                                            John H. Monk
Elias Commander                                            James C. Pimburton
James Cloud                                                    Samuel H. Jenkins
Susannah Grant                                               Simon Johnson
Clement Hancock                                            William Johnson
John Jones                                                       Michael Watson
John Newberry                                                Turner Cates
Abel Daniel                                                      Thomas Cates
Gosper Hortman                                              Thomas Caster
Zian Pike                                                          Joseph Wilder
Samuel Commander                                         Nimrod Lewis
Martin Ansley                                                   Theophalus Cotton
Lamon Causey                                                  Jesse Lewis
John Causey                                                      John Hancock
Littleberry L. Causey                                        Stephen Gibbons
Isaac Dennis                                                      William Smith
John Dennis                                                       Shepherd Smith
Thomas Grant

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