Monday, June 24, 2013

Washington Becham's Mysterious Bond

In 1879, Washington Becham put up a bond to become the guardian of his son Columbus J. (Jack) Becham.  This bond is rather mysterious because although page 2 indicates this is to protect his (CJ's) estate, I have not determined where that came from.    Washington's wife is still alive, there is no reference to his other children, nor any record found so far of CJ receiving an unusual inheritance, although that would of course be a primary reason for an underage boy to have an estate which needs protecting.  

Washington puts up the bond of $1000, with his brother John as security.  Washington signs the document with his mark, as he did with his confederate contract.  However, this time his mark appears to be the letter "W", while before he had just signed with an X.  John actually signs his name.  It's not stated in the bond, but Jack was 17 at the time this was done.  At this point, I need to check probate records and wills to determine if CJ came into money and, possibly, why the other children did not. 

  The original for this was found in the Georgia State Archives, Miscellaneous Records of the Inferior Court of Crawford County, Record Group 179, section 2, Box 1, file Washington Becham.

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