Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Family Gathering - Warren Hendricks

This photograph will have been taken about 1924, based on the apparent ages of Charlie Garner and Ed Floyd.   Not everyone has been conclusively identified.  The elderly couple in the middle are Warren David Hendricks and his wife Lucinda Jane Gooch Hendricks.  To the left of Warren is his daughter Maude Hendricks Floyd, holding her baby Edward Lee Floyd Jr born in 1924.  Ed Floyd Sr is to her left.  The woman to the right of Jane Hendricks is their daughter Mattie Hendrix Garner,  holding her son Charles Gordon Garner Jr, born in late 1922.  Her husband is probably the photographer.   The other people are more speculative.  The man on the porch, holding the young boy, is probably Arthur Hendrix, based on the fact that he was the only son with boys about the ages of the three there.  If he is Arthur, then the boys are probably William (b 1917), Frank (1918) and Paul (1922).  The final man is almost certainly one of the other sons.  Joseph had been killed in 1920 which is definitely before this picture was taken.  His son would have been too young for this man.  Luther and his wife were living out west at the time but could have been home for a family visit.  However, he would have had a young daughter, born in 1920, who would have presumably been included in the picture.  Therefore, I think the most likely candidate for this last one is John, with his wife Vinnie next to him.  Their son Roy was grown which would account for him being absent.  Finally, the biggest mystery of the picture is the girl on the right.  She is definitely not one of the daughters (Maude was the youngest).  She might be the foster daughter listed in the 1920 census, Evelyn Anglund, who would have been about 12 when this was taken.

The photo was taken in front of the Warren Hendricks house, in Gaddistown, Union County, Georgia.

Editted to add:  I have since been given photos of John and Vinnie Hendricks and this is clearly not them in the photo.  My next guess would be one of the other daughters and her husband, but I need to look for more photos for comparison. 

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