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The Short Autobiography of Warren David Hendricks

When she was a young lady, probably in the 1920s, Hattie McDougald (Bell) interviewed her grandfather Warren David Hendricks about his life and wrote down what he told her.  She retained this for many years and then in the 1970s shared copies with the family.  This is a transcription of what she had written down.  In places, she is quoting him so exactly that she starts to write "Uncle" and then crosses it out.  I am not vouching to the accuracy of this, although much has been confirmed from other sources.

Allen Keith lived on Saluta river 4 miles of Table Rock, had one or two boys and several girls (?) Jenny Keith born 1829 and married about 1850 when she was about 23 years old. Had a lot of goods and was given two slaves as a present by her father when she married. Warren Keith her brother, also Matt Keith, drank a good bit.

Mose Hendrix of South Carolina had 7 boys and 7 girls. George Washington Hendricks married Jenny Keith. lived in Pickens county about 4 miles from Table Rock. Father own nearly all of the land along the Illinois river near Table Rock N. O. Estate was given to children just before the war and Keith's estate settled soon after the war.

George W Hendricks and his wife lived at Pumpkin town S.C. until 1861. Moved in 1861 to Alabama. Un ((crossed out)) Ben Hendrix G. W. brother lived there. He had two sons to die near the beginning of the war with fever. 1861 G.W. Hendricks enlisted in Alabama in Calvary. '62 came to Ga. and joined army. 1859 Mrs. Hendrix died, 1860 Rosa Trotter was married to G. W. Hendrix in S. C. moved to Alabama soon after.

1862 moved to Ga and lived on Nimberwill from there to Yahoola in Lumpkin County.
1854 Warren David Hendrix born, 1856 James Larkin Hendrix born John R. E. Lee Hendricks born in 1869. G. W. Hendrix fought under Capt Craven in Ga was discharged at Kingston Ga in '65. Gus, negro who lived with Hendricks family during the war was offered 9 hundred dollars in gold and offered to give Gus half , but Gus begged G. W. Hendricks not to sell him. Negro stayed with family a year after slaves were freed. Lived near Mill Creek after war and died there about 1898.
Warren Hendrix married Jane Gooch in 1873. Jane daughter of Jim Gooch. Jim Gooch fought with South during part of the war, left army and went to north but did not fight with northern army. Did not get pension after war.
Lived in Lumpkin 4 months after marriage then moved to Canada district and in July 187
3 moved to Gaddistown.

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