Monday, July 22, 2013

A New Beginning

As of this month, the University of Georgia system is taking over the Georgia Archives.  This has seemed like a good decision since it was announced, but today they verified it.  As of 31 July, the Archives will be open 4 days per week rather than 2. 

I checked out their new website today as well.  They apologized for broken links but in my brief look at it, I didn't find any.  So far it is pretty well just capturing all the previous links, but hopefully the university system will bring some innovation to it as they get settled in.  I'm optimistic about a bright future for Georgia research. 

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  1. The Georgia Genealogical Society is planning a ribbon cutting on Wed. July 31 at 1030 to mark the reopening of the GA Archives to four days a week. Light refreshments will also be served. So show your support for the increased hours and show up that morning if you can. And support these new hours that we have all worked hard to achieve by researching at the Georgia Archives as much as you can.