Monday, July 8, 2013

Amanuensis Monday - Petition on the Slavery Issue

Continuing on local politics in Crawford County, the following petition was submitted in 1850 on the slavery issue.  The question was whether the petitioners supported the Missouri Compromise or the 1850 Compromise.  The Clay-Foote Compromise failed in Congress, but the individual provisions were submitted separately soon after and all passed.

The original document is located in the Georgia State Archives, Crawford County Misc. Original Documents, RG 139.

Those who favor the settlement of the slavery question upon the basis of the Missouri Compromise line, in opposition to the so-called Clay & Foote adjustment Bill - do hereunto sign their names for the call of a public meeting on Wednesday of the Superior Court of Knoxville August 1850.

R.L. Weaver                  H
Hardy Hardison             Cicero Hatcher
George W. Thomas        James Spillars
David Avera                   John Becham Jr
Clabourn Bateman
J. ?F? Hartley
L. Dennis
Hira ?Busby?
Jacob Weaver
M. F. Perry
Edward Lusby
Henry Wilder
[Name unreadable, possibly Youngblood]
Elijah Beckam
J. Whitington
D. M. Roberts
Adam Bundrick
J. L. Strother


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    Reading your blog, it struck me that the Hendricks/Hendrix names sound very Dutch. Being Dutch myself, I was very much interested. I also have a blog with many genealogical subjects. One of my posts shows a survey of foreign genealogical blogs/sites showing Dutch origin surnames. The URL is The idea is to try and establish contacts between people who have an interest in the same surname. There are numerous cases in The Netherlands where people emigrated centuries ago without leaving a trace in Dutch archives. With my blog I try to bring Dutch and foreign (mainly US/CAN) genealogists together.
    Therefore, I like to have your permission to show your site in my a.m. blog.
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    PS Also the surname Horn might be Dutch!

    1. Hendricks has certainly always struck me as a Dutch name but at this point we have not yet worked back to the immigrant, so do not know for sure. With that caveat, you're welcome to post the link.

    2. Thanks for your permission! Your blog is now part of the list. If there is anything you want me to add or change, please let me know.
      Please note there are also other blogs with Hendricks like surnames. They are also printed in red.