Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Tiny Crack in the Wall?

My first blog post, back all those years ago, was about my ancestor Stephens Morris.  I had speculated that Sarah Morris might be his mother as well as the mother of several Sessions children.  Since that post, I have learned that the book with the marriage information about Sarah Sessions had her mother's name wrong.  The original record says that Nancy Morris gave permission for Sarah Sessions to marry - a good reminder on why the original record should always be checked.   Recently, a descendent of one of the Sessions children contacted me (the joys of an online tree).  They had the family info that their progenitor Ann Sessions had indeed married a Morris.  Even more delightful was the information that Ann's first husband was Walter Sessions and that prior to being in Alabama, they lived in Williamsburg County, SC, where Ann Sessions appears as head of household in 1810.  So I finally have someplace in South Carolina to start looking for my Morris family. 

They also had the family tradition that Ann Sessions Morris had moved to Georgia where she eventually died.  This might help explain one of the biggest mysteries about my Stephen, which is how he came to be in Crawford County, Georgia, where he married as a young man, probably 19 or 20.

There's still a lot of work to be done but I feel like there might in fact be a tiny crack in the wall, that I might find Stephens' ancestry after all. 


  1. Williamsburg county SC, Probate records 1806 ca 1900 by Elaine Y Eaddy. Washington Memorial Library. Sessions, Walter. 15 in 29. Citation to Ann Sessions 28 Dec. 1807. Sur. for adm. bond: Jonathan Helms and John Morris. W. A. William Rogers, Isaac Rogers, Joseph Martin. 2 Jan. 1808