Friday, July 12, 2013

Possible Parents for Feraby Lewis

In my post on Nimrod Lewis, I noted that I believed that his wife Feraby was the daughter of Thomas Cates of Edgefield, SC.  This is far from proven, but here are the early thoughts.  I have not yet come close to meeting the genealogical proof standard since I have definitely not yet completed a reasonably exhaustive search.

1.  The biggest pointer to the connection is that Nimrod Lewis was one of the estate administrators when Thomas Cates died, in 1842 in Crawford County, GA.  The other two administrators were Thomas' wife Nancy and his son Turner.  Since Nimrod was not a lawyer, the primary reason for having him associated with the estate would be because he was related.

2.  Nimrod lived near the Cates in Edgefield and was continuously associated with them in Crawford County.  His son also married Turner Cates' daughter.

3.  Nimrod named one of his sons Thomas.  The 1830 and 1840 censuses show two boys born 1825-1830, but only one survives to the 1850 census.  Considering the age gap between Martha (1824) and Thomas (1828), it is likely that Thomas was the second son.  While there is no law about children's names, it was common in the family for the second son to be named after his maternal grandfather.  In addition, Nimrod's first three daughters were Martha, Feraby (after her mother) and Nancy, possibly named after her maternal grandmother.

4.  I haven't found Thomas in 1820, but in 1810 he does have a daughter the right age to be Feraby.

5.  In 1840, Nimrod's daughter Martha and her husband were living next door to Thomas in Crawford County.

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