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Friend of Friends Friday, Crawford County GA part 4

As before, these are from the Georgia, Probate Records, 1742-1990, Crawford County, Inventories and appraisements 1833-1913,

Image 67, page 122
An inventory of the goods and chattels of Alexander B. Taylor, 8 Nov 1834
Negro man John $600
Negro woman Silvy $450
Negro woman Dorcas $450
Negro boy Isaac $350
Negro boy Aaron $275
Negro boy Doctor $250
Negro boy Charles $200

Image 69, page 126
December 1834, auction of the goods of Alexander Taylor

Lewis Mobley - negro John
James Roberts - negro woman Dorcas
Mary Taylor [wife] - negro woman Silvy
James M. Taylor - negro Isaac
Wm McMurray - negro Aaron
[Doctor and Charles are not mentioned in the sales records]

Image 73, page 134
Jasper County, Georgia, 30 Dec 1825 (No reason given for it being recorded in Crawford County 10 years later)

Valuation and partition of the negros of Jonathon McLendon
Lot nr one was assigned to Edna McClendon, widow of said deceased negros Viny, Betsy and Reuben valued at $950
Lot nr two was drawn by Elitha Ann McClendon one of the minors of said dec'd, negroes Ben, Haritta and Jinny valued at $825
Lot nr 3 was drawn by Jonathon McClendon the other minor of said deceased negros Billy, Milly and Anderson, valued at $900.

Image 74, page 135
The negros belonging to the orphans of Jonathan McClendon hired on 30 Dec 1826 to the highest bidder
viz Bill a negro man to Wm Cleavland  $77
Jenny and child Harriett $25
Milla a girl $30
Ben a boy $17
Anderson a boy $1
[signed] Wm C Cleavland guardian in right of his wife

Image 74, page 136
Hire of negros of said deceased for 1828
Bill a man hired to Wm C Cleavland for $50
Jinny and Haratt         "               "     for $35.50
Milly a woman to Allen McClendon for $25.50
Ben a boy to Wm C Cleavland for $41
Anderson a boy to T Hood $5

Image 75, page 137
(McClendon estate continued)
For the hire of negros for 1829
Bill a man to Lewellin Morgan $50
Ben a boy to Thophilus Truman (or Freeman) $26
Anderson a boy to Allen McClendon $5
Milly a girl to          "            "      $22
Jenny a woman to   "            "      $35
Harett a girl to Wm C Cleavland for victuals and clothes

The hiring of the property belonging to the minors of Jonathan McClendon, 28 Dec 1829
Billy a man [to] Allen McClendon $40
Jenny a woman    "          "            $21
Milly a girl         "           "            $25
Anderson a boy  "          "            $8.56
Benjamin a boy to Wm C Cleavland $37.25
Harett a girl to Isaac George    $5.56

Account of the sale of the negros belonging to the minors and orphans of  Jonathan McClendon sold 3 Jan 1832 and 25 Dec 1832
Negro man Bill to Allen McClendon $219
Negro woman named Jenny to "    $306
   "           "      Milly and child to A. McClendon $427
Negro boy named Ben to Henry Sills $577

Image 75, page 138
(continued from previous page)
Anderson [to] Jeremiah McClendon  $365
girl Harett to W.C. Cleavland $350

[Note that this is earlier than the previous sale record] The hiring of the negros belonging to the orphans of Jonathan McClendon for the year 1831

Bill a man to Allen McClendon $55
Jinny a woman to Hiram B. Jones $40
Milly a woman to Cleavland $20
Ben a boy to John True $35
Anderson a boy to [unreadable] McGhee  $24
Harat a girl to Elijah Williams $12

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