Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Questions about some land

In April 1884, Mary Sullivan, widow of L. B. [Little Berry] Sullivan and her daughter Almyra Sullivan Daniel sold 101 1/4 acres of land in Crawford County, Georgia to Mattie Hatcher and Sallie B. Perry, for $300.  Mary and Almyra were described as the only heirs to the estate of  L. B. Sullivan, of Webster county, while Mattie and Sallie were described as the daughters of M.F. [Mark Franklin] Perry.   The deed was witnessed by John Daniel and Almyra's husband Alex Daniel.   There are several points of interest here.  First, M.F. Perry and his wife were still living, so it seems unusual that the property was sold to their daughters.  Secondly, Mattie was grown and married, age 22, but Sallie was only 13.  Mattie's husband was not mentioned.   Also, 1890 tax records duly show Mrs. Mattie Hatcher and Miss Blanch Perry paying taxes on 50 acres of land each, but also show their mother Mrs. Sarah Perry as having 200 acres in that same section.   M.F. Perry does not pay taxes on any real estate although he shows some personal property. 

Three years later, Mary Sullivan and Almyra Daniel sold a nearby lot to M.F. Perry.  In this deed they are again described as the sole heirs of L.B. Sullivan and the land being sold is described as "the land formerly owned by L.B. Sullivan in Crawford County".  Alex Daniel again witnesses the transaction. M.F. Perry promptly took out a mortgage on the land, which he paid off a few years later.

Finally, in 1893, S. Blanch Perry (Sallie) sold her 50 acres of the land above to her sister Martha Hatcher for $100.

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